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Wife cuts off husband’s private part as she caught him doing shameful act

In Vietnam, a woman, through a hidden camera installed at home, saw her husband doing such an embarrassing act with his niece that his private parts were cut off. According to the Daily Star, the incident took place in Son La, Vietnam, where the woman had adopted her niece. The young girl had complained to him several times that her stepfather was doing shameful things to her, but the woman did not trust the girl.

Eventually one day the woman bought a hidden camera and installed it in the girl’s bedroom and the next day on camera caught her husband red-handed doing shameful things with the girl. The woman told police during the interrogation: “I saw my husband on camera doing ugly things. I bought a knife and went home and waited for him to sleep. When he fell asleep, I cut his organ with the knife.” According to police, the victim was rushed to a hospital where doctors managed to save his life, but doctor failed in reattaching his private part.



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