Sunday, September 24, 2023
HometechSelf-made Space Expert claims to have built an Egyptian pyramid-like building on...

Self-made Space Expert claims to have built an Egyptian pyramid-like building on Mars by aliens

A conspiracy theorist who believes in the existence of aliens has claimed to have discovered an ancient ‘pyramid’ built by aliens on Mars. According to the Daily Star, this self-styled expert named Scott C. Waring has already made various claims about aliens. In a recent claim, he shared a picture of the surface of Mars, in which the monster of a building resembling the pyramids of Egypt can be seen.

Scott C. Waring describes the alleged building as a pyramid of aliens on the surface of Mars. Its pyramid is 5 km long and was created by aliens using robots with artificial intelligence technology. Experts from NASA and other agencies have not yet commented on Scott C.’s claim.

According to report, the photo shared by Scott shows that the pyramids of the alleged pyramid on the surface of Mars have four corners opposite Egypt, and according to Scott, the pyramid is at least 3 km high. It should be noted that a few days ago, Scott C. Waring had claimed that he had seen aliens on Google Earth through Google Earth’s feature ‘Mars on Earth’. Scott C. Waring also claims that this picture of the pyramids of Egypt was obtained through Google Earth.



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