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Man installed a camera in the house. What he saw took his senses away!

Some people believe in the existence of ghosts and some consider them to be mere illusions. Recently, a man from the United Kingdom posted such a video of his home on TikTok that people who believed in ghosts were scared, while people from other groups started making fun of the man. According to the Daily Star, the man’s bedroom window opened automatically at night. So he installed a camera one night to find out why the window was open.

The next morning, the man noticed on video that the window opened and closed automatically, and once the window opened fully and then did not close. The video, posted on the TikTok account @travelchannel, has been viewed by more than 700k people so far. Many people in the comments say that the window opens and closes with the wind and that the man thinks his room is haunted. are “The ghost living in your room feels hot and opens the window for air,” wrote one user mocking the man.



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