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Mahesh Bhatt denies reports about Alia and Ranbir’s marriage

Leading Bollywood film director, producer and screenwriter Mahesh Bhatt has categorically denied the rumors surrounding his youngest daughter Alia Bhatt’s marriage to Ranbir Kapoor, the beacon of another famous Bollywood film family.

Talking to Indian media outlets, Mahesh Bhatt said that these are just rumors, nothing like this is happening, these things have been going on for a long time.

It is to be noted that rumors of Alia and Ranbir Kapoor’s marriage have been circulating for years and not months and everyone wants to know when they are getting married but the way the release date of their film Brahmastra has not been confirmed at all. Similarly, the latest reports of their marriage have not been confirmed yet.

It should be noted that the new report states that their marriage may take place in April. Meanwhile, Ranbir’s aunt Reema Jain had earlier denied their marriage in April. He had told the media that they would get married but I do not know when. You will know when they will make this decision. He further said that when we have not prepared anything then how can marriage be so fast.



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