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Hrithik Roshan proved himself to be a Great Man along with a Great Actor

Mumbai: Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan rushed to donate his blood after hearing about the shortage of rare blood group in Indian hospitals, to which his father also paid tribute.

According to media reports, B-negative blood group is considered rare, which is why hospitals face shortage of this blood group. In this regard, Indian actor Hrithik Roshan won the hearts of all by donating his B-Negative Blood Hospital for the sake of human sympathy.

According to the report, father and filmmaker Rakesh Roshan, along with fans of the actor, also praised Hrithik for this exemplary move and said, “We are proud of you.”

While donating blood, the Bollywood actor shared a picture on social media in which he can be seen wearing a bandage on his left hand and he is making a victory sign with his right hand.

Hrithik Roshan says that my blood type is B negative and it is considered a rare type of blood, that is why there is a shortage of it in the hospital. I decided to donate my blood for the love of humanity. The actor also thanked Kokilabin Hospital and the doctors there.

Fans of the actor and other film stars are also praising Hrithik on social media.



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