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The European Union has approved the complete cessation of sales of fuel-powered vehicles by 2035! The French news agency AFP says the announcement is aimed at reducing the risk of contamination

The European Union (EU) has approved a complete ban on the sale of fuel-powered vehicles by 2035.
The announcement was made by a 27-member bloc on Wednesday aimed at reducing the risk of pollution, the French news agency AFP reported.
According to the report, this proposal came up in July 2021, which has been approved. Following the decision of the European Union, all petrol and diesel vehicles will be shifted to electric engines.
The move is aimed at achieving the goals set for environmental protection, which include zero carbon emissions by 2050.
At the request of other members of the bloc, including Germany and Italy, all 27 countries agreed that alternative technologies, such as hybrid or electric vehicles, should be used to avoid future pollution problems. Gases that contaminate can be eliminated.
The meeting also approved a five-year waiver for car companies. This includes companies that are building less than 10,000 vehicles a year by the end of 2035.
According to the report, this clause is also seen as an ‘immediate amendment’ as it will benefit luxury brands.
These steps will now be taken in consultation with members of the European Parliament.
“This is a huge challenge for our automotive industry,” said Agnes Penier-Ranicher, France’s environment minister who chaired the meeting.
He also said that there is a great “need” to compete with China and the United States, which have taken great strides in the electric vehicle industry.




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