Tuesday, October 3, 2023
HometechCars that are more 'modified' in Pakistan

Cars that are more ‘modified’ in Pakistan

Although there are a limited number of people interested in modifying cars in Pakistan, there are still so many beautifully modified vehicles on the roads that one is happy. The most modified cars in Pakistan have been compiled by the news website ‘ProPakistani’ and these are the vehicles that are seen on the roads in the most modified condition.

According to the website, the most modified car is the Suzuki Mehran. This car is modified from Lamborghini style to Caesar Doors and Slim suspension and we have seen Mehran cars modified in these designs on the roads.

The Volkswagen Beetle (Type One), popularly known as the Foxy in Pakistan, is second on the list. This is followed by Toyota Land Cruiser, Daihatsu Sherrad Third Generation, Nissan Sunny, Mitsubishi Lancer, Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Toyota Mark II, various models of Toyota Corolla especially E60, E86 and E100, Austin Mini and Toyota Mark X list. Are among the most modified by Pakistanis.



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