Tuesday, October 3, 2023
HometechThe brain without the body was 'uploaded' to the Internet, and in...

The brain without the body was ‘uploaded’ to the Internet, and in the ‘Metaverse’, the astonishing claim of 150 years of human life came to light

With this earthly body, man cannot prolong his life in spite of all his efforts, but now a Russian billionaire has made an astonishing claim that man can live 150 years without a body in the ‘Metaverse’.

According to the Daily Star, this business man named Dmitry Atskov says that if you leave your body and agree to live in the form of an ‘application’, you can live for the next one and a half hundred years. All you have to do is upload your brain to the internet.

According to Dmitry Atskov, after being uploaded to the Internet, the human brain will be transformed into an application with the help of artificial intelligence and meteorological technology. This application will be a mirror of the person’s complete personality, it will be able to communicate with him in the same way as people used to do with him in his life.

According to the report, Dmitry Atskov owns a media company headquartered in Moscow. They are also part of the ‘2045 Project’. This project has been started to eradicate aging, even death. Everyone involved in the project, including Dmitry, is hopeful that one day man will become immortal and that he will be able to eliminate death altogether.

Dmitry says that at present it is not possible to live beyond the physical period with the human material body, but with the help of artificial intelligence and the technology of meteors, we can live for one and a half hundred years. By 2045, we will be able to create an artificial body, after which people will be able to move from their old body to this new artificial body with the help of the Internet and thus live a long life. After the success of this project. People will be able to make independent decisions about the possibilities of extending their lives and personal development, and will be able to move to a new artificial body when their old body begins to fail.

Neuralink, the company of Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, is also conducting research to create a brain-computer interface that will enable people to finally upload the entire human brain to the Internet. In addition, there are a number of companies that are researching the hypothesis of long-term survival in human meteors.



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