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What was Sania’s reaction to the photoshoot with Shoaib?

Actress Ayesha Omar has told about Sania Mirza’s reaction to her and former captain Shoaib Malik’s photo shoot.

Recently, actress Ayesha Omar appeared on a private TV programme where host Noman Ijaz asked the actress, “How much did the photo shoot with you hurt Shoaib Malik?”

In response, Ayesha Omar immediately asked, “Did they not benefit much?” At the same time, Ayesha Omar and the host laughed.

The actress continued, “I don’t think Shoaib was harmed by those pictures. Shoaib and I are very good friends and we had a great time doing that shoot and thank God we both benefited from it.” No one was harmed.

Host Noman Ijaz said, “Do you know how many times his wife Sania Mirza was tagged in those pictures?” We are friends, and the good memes were which made us happy.

It is to be noted that some time ago, some photos of the photo shoot of actress Ayesha Omar and cricketer Shoaib Malik went viral on social media which was criticized by some users.



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