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Revelations of more new bright aspects of Zamzam water

Revelations of more new bright aspects of Zamzam water.

According to the details, international institutions researching the mystery of Zamzam water and its wells failed to reach the bottom of its natural technology.
International research institutes have been busy exploring this matter for many years.

What are the reasons for the properties found in Zamzam water?

720 liters per minute, while 43 thousand 2 hundred liters in one hour!
Where is the water coming from in this water well?

There is no water in the land of Makkah despite being hundreds of feet deep. The Japanese research institute Hido Institute has said in its research report that If Zamzam water is added to a drop of water, its properties become the same as those of Zamzam water. The crystal of a drop of Zamzam does not resemble the crystal found in the water of any region of the world. Another revelation has also come out that the properties of Zamzam cannot be changed even by recycling.

The ratio of minerals in Zamzam water is determined by evaluating the mg/l:
Sodium 133,
Calcium 96,
Potassium 43.3,
Bicarbonate 195.4,
chloride 163.3,
Fluoride 0.72,
Nitrate 124.8,
and, Sulphate is 124 mg per liter.

The full depth of Zamzam water well is 99 feet and the distance from its springs to the bottom of the well is 17 meters.

It should be clear that in almost all the wells of the world, the accumulation of moss, the growth of various types of herbs and self-fertilizing plants, vegetative and biological growth or the creation of different types of insects is a common thing, which causes the color of the water. And the taste changes.

It is Allah’s grace that no moss accumulates in this well, no vegetative and biological growth, no color change, no taste.



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