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Another blow to Sunny Leone, the Bangladeshi government revoked the permit

Bangladesh’s Ministry of Information has revoked the work permit of actress Sunny Leone for the Bengali film Soldier, but did not give any reasons for revoking the work permit.

According to media reports, reports are circulating that some organizations have threatened strong protests against the entry of Sunny Leone in Bangladesh, which is why the government is also reluctant to take action. According to the report, a large number of fans are waiting for his arrival in Bangladesh for the first time. Now it seems that there are various obstacles in the way of Sunny Leone’s arrival.

According to media reports, Sunny Leone cannot start shooting for the film at the moment as the Ministry of Information has revoked her work permit. Earlier last month, the Bangladeshi Ministry of Information allowed 11 Indian actors, including Sunny Leone, to shoot the film in Bangladesh The shooting of the film is to continue from March 5 to September 4, this time the government has restored the work permits of all except Sunny Leone.

This is not the first time that Sunny Leone has been barred from entering Bangladesh. Earlier, she was scheduled to attend a program in 2015 but had to cancel her trip after protests.



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