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Workers take to the streets to show solidarity with Imran Khan, but what did singer Annie Khalid see in the meantime?

Pakistani pop singer Annie Khalid is also one of the artists who took to the streets to protest on the call of Imran Khan. Saw ordinary people distributing juice bottles and water among the people.

The singer said that in this meeting, strangers were protecting the women by forming a circle around them while some men were standing with their children around the women in a chain of hands. Annie Khalid said that this scene was captivating. This is Imran Khan’s Pakistan.

It is to be noted that PTI workers staged demonstrations and rallies in different cities of Punjab including Lahore yesterday. A large number of PTI workers at Liberty Chowk in Lahore expressed solidarity with Imran Khan in different areas of Karachi. There were also protests where a large number of PTI workers and supporters were present.

Apart from this, PTI workers also staged a protest at F-9 Park in Islamabad while protesters were present at Liaquat Bagh in Rawalpindi. On the other hand, PTI workers and supporters also staged rallies in Peshawar.



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